Monday, 14 December 2009

V & A Illustration Awards 2009: 'The Metrosexual vs. The Recession'

These are the two illustrations I've submitted for the V & A Museum's 2010 student illustrator awards. They're based on true experiences of being an impoverished student with no money for two months. Baldness did not occur though.


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Yule Blog

Some Festive Cheer. Hooray.

Characterisation Project

These are a few of the outcomes from my recent ongoing project based on actualising characters from people's imagined descriptions. The idea is to build up a whole catalogue of between 50 - 100, so watch this space!

Kings and Queenex

These are my designs for the Kleenex Cube competition. The basic gist is that even royalty need something to catch their snot in from time to time.

Hugo First

Here's my entry for the ongoing Hugo Boss competition, the theme was 'Travel Snapshots'. It didn't win, but it brought back fond memories of perillous caravan holidays. Up cliffs.